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Animation movie Macskafogo.
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Year: 1986
Country: Hungary, Canada
Release date: Macskafogo premiere in USA. 2 October 1986
Director: Bela Ternovszky
Screenwriter: Jozsef Nepp
Producer: Roman Kuhn
Operator: Gyorgy Varga
Composer: Tamas Deak
Duration: 96 min. / 01:36
Description: In the year 80 AMM (After Mickey Mouse) on planet X the crime-syndicated Cats try to erase the Mouse-population once and for all. A scientist of the mice, prof. Fushimishi seems to have found the weapon against the threat - so Intermouse calls it's best, but now retired agent - Nick Grabowsky - to get the plans. As a distraction for the Cats, they also send a second agent - Seargent Lazy Dick - for the mission.
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IMDb Rating:
4,510 votes.


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Creators of the animated movie
Bela Ternovszky
Bela Ternovszky - director Bela Ternovszky
Director, Hungary, 75 years.
Is Bela Ternovszky your favorite director? And do you like cartoon genres? Then you certainly need to buy Macskafogo on DVD or watch the animation film in theater.
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